Chapter 1 & 2 The Last Ruble Podcast by Joe D Wells

Chapter 1 & 2 The Last Ruble Podcast by Joe D Wells

I have combined two chapters in this podcast together. Chapter 1 of The Last Ruble is called The Flight. Is is short, but important, because this is the introduction of Jack Rivers. You will get a insight into his work, plus some of his sense of humor, which he tries to maintain life, begins to show through. Even during serious moments.

Chapter 2 was fun writing for me. Here you get more insight to who Jack is and where is from, plus how he uses his sense of humor to shrug of tight situations he tends to find himself in throughout his life.

You will find out more about the type of work Jack does, but you will have to read Chapter 2 which I have named Sun Records. Jack reflects in Chapter 2 back to early moments in his life. In this case, he tells two stories to a cab driver in London about Elvis and Sun Records recording studio.

You will also be introduced to a new character in this book. She brings mystery into Jack’s life. He refers to her as The Lady in the Black Hat. She turns out to be one tough lady, who is very smart, as you will learn through out this book.

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