Jack sees the The Lady in the Black Hat for the First Time

Here I read the last part of Chapter 2 in my book The Last Ruble. If you refer back the a previous podcast titled – Chapter 1 & 2 The Last Ruble Podcast by Joe D Wells – Jack tells a few stories about his Memphis days. Talking to a cab driver in London about Elvis and Sun Records.  At the end of the podcast above I mention Jack sees The Lady in the Black Hat for the first time. I decided to read a little of this meeting. (yes, you may be hearing a train in the background from time to time. I can’t wait on the train.)

The note said.
“Mr. Rivers, sorry for the inconvenience but there’s a lot of personalities involved in what we’re doing here. There will be no meetings this morning. We are planning on picking you up for dinner this evening, I’ll be in touch. Respectfully, Kassim

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