Is Love an Obligation?
Jimmy Buffett: The Key West Years
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Key West Books Key West Writers List Price Amazon Books Key
No Name Key Jessica Argyle $14.99
The Life of Christos ~ Book Four: by Jualt Christos (Volume 4) Mr Walter Brooks $11.22
A Road To Travel, Key West Bound (Some Came After Book 1) William Williamson N/A
The Phantom Writer Rusty Hodgdon $14.99
Last Call, Selected Bar Prose William Williamson N/A
Night and Day (Gideon Lowry Mysteries) (Volume 2) John Leslie $10.99
Haitian Relief Richard de Grasse $19.95
After Life: Images from the Key West Cemetery Carol Tedesco
Roberta DePiero
Jane Newhagen
James Merrill: Life and Art Langdon Hammer $40.00
And Then There Was One: A Nurse’s Memories of A.G. Holley State Tuberculosis Hospital Peggy Butler $14.95
The Sculpture Gardener: Short Fiction Hal Howland $14.95
After Jerusalem: Short Fiction Hal Howland $14.95
Murder in Margaritaville: An Alex Trotter Mystery Cheryl Peyton $12.00
The Hemingway Log: A Chronology of His Life and Times Brewster Chamberlin $39.95
The Sad Demise of Henry And Other Key West Musings Jack Mazur $14.95
Ten Windows: How Great Poems Transform the World Jane Hirshfield $24.95
Pete The Incredible Puffer: A Love Story in the Florida Keys Elia Chepaitis $6.99
In Key West, The Doors Are Wide Open At Sloppy Joe’s (Some Came After Book 12) William Williamson N/A
Sunburn (Key West Capers) (Volume 3) Mr. Laurence Shames $12.99
Counterfoot: A Schwartz P.I. Wise Cracking the Case Investigation Eddie Goldstein $7.99
Mick Murphy’s Law: A Mick Murphy Key West Mystery (Volume 9) Michael Haskins $15.00
Scavenger Reef (Key West Capers) (Volume 2) Mr. Laurence Shames $12.99
Shot on Location (Key West Capers Book 9) Laurence Shames N/A
The Human Drummer: Thoughts on the Life Percussive Hal Howland $15.95
Turtle Kraals Redux, Buffet in Key West (Some Came After Book 11) William Williamson N/A
Strange Key West Days Have Found Us (Some Came After Book 10) William Williamson N/A
Key West Dreams In The Lost & Found (Some Came After Book 9) William Williamson N/A
The Jazz Buyer Hal Howland $14.95
Theorizing Anti-Racism: Linkages in Marxism and Critical Race Theories N/A $36.95
Damn The Carnations: Full Speed Ahead Sammie Mays $10.95
When Old Is Never New In Key West (Some Came After Book 7) William Williamson N/A
Marlow: Midnight Blues (Key West Mysteries) (Volume 5) Bill Craig $14.95
AbuChez and BoJean: Sisterhood Between Adopted Dogs (AbuChez the Cattle Dog) (Volume 1) Michelle Kaye Malsbury $28.50
June Keith’s Key West & The Florida Keys: A Guide to the Coral Islands (June Keith’s Key West and the Florida Keys) June Keith $18.95
A Schwartz Story: A Schwartz P.I. Rhymin’ Crime Investigation Eddie Goldstein $5.38
Finding Father in Key West (Some Came After Book 8) William Williamson N/A
Key West, Last Link in the Chain (Some Came After Book 6) William Williamson N/A
After Hours, Selected Bar Prose Vol. II William Williamson N/A
Corrida Faux Pas, Key West Can’t Bury Their Dead (Some Came After Book 5) William Williamson N/A
Water Down, A Key West Road Trip (Some Came After Book 4) William Williamson N/A
Hemingway and Gellhorn: The Untold Story of Two Writers, Espionage, War, and the Great Depression Jerome Tuccille $14.99
Key West Consequences (Some Came After Book 3) William Williamson N/A
Smart Guide To Understanding Your Cat – Second Edition (Smart Guides) Carolyn Janik $19.95
Cities & Women Hal Howland $14.95
Key West by Three in the Afternoon (Some Came After Book 2) William Williamson N/A
Phone Call From Hell and Other Tales of the Damned Jonathan Woods $14.95
Manager as Muse: Maxwell Perkins’ Work with F. Scott Fitzgerald, Ernest Hemingway, and Thomas Wolfe Ph.D., Kathleen Dixon Donnelly $15.98